We have 50 Internet-accessible, audio-enhanced stories to teach children effective coping skills that will help them be more successful in school (and life), more confident, and happier.

You can Visit our Fable Store with its bookcase that has stories for the very young, shelves 1a- b to stories that are relevant for older students (and teens), shelves 5a-5b. You can purchase it from the bookcase.

You can visit our “Fable Topics Selection Flipbook”, go to index that will list “Topics of Interest” … Bullying,  Anger, Fear, Academic Success, Character and much more. You will be able to access that topic to read a brief summary of the stories in the section you selected. You can start the purchase process from the Topics Flipbook.

Your story selections can be purchased and saved on any computer or mobile device (phone, iPad, tablet).